Wide application of tarpaulin


The tarpaulin has been widely used in the following asp […]

The tarpaulin has been widely used in the following aspects. Tarpaulin is a high-strength, water-resistant material with good toughness and softness. It is often used as canvas (canvas), polyurethane-coated polyester or polyethylene-based plastic. Tarpaulins usually have a strong grommets at the corners or edges for easy strapping, hanging or covering. Tarpaulin is usually divided into two categories: thick tarpaulin and fine tarpaulin. Rough tarpaulin, also known as tarpaulin, is fast and resistant to folding, has good waterproof properties, is used for car transport and cover in open storage, and tents in the wild. Fine tarpaulin warp and weft yarn is used for making, labor protection clothing and its supplies. It can also be used as a fabric for shoes, travel bags, backpacks, etc. after dyeing. In addition, there are rubber tarpaulins, shield tarpaulins for fire and radiation protection, and tarpaulins for paper machines.


Storage: It can protect valuable commodities, protect food, cotton, fertilizer, chemical industry from moisture and heat, and fully protect goods. Outdoor activities: suitable for picnics and outdoor activities. Outdoor activities resist sunlight and wind and rain, forming an ideal place to shelter.


Transportation: Used to ensure that goods are transported by road, rail or ship to avoid wind and rain. Ensure the safety and integrity of the goods.


Coverage: Used to cover buildings and equipment; to cover stored goods, trucks/cars/ships, machinery covers, tents, picnic mats, swimming pools and garden furniture. If the coated article has high water resistance, you can choose PVC coated plastic cloth, scraper cloth or waterproof nylon cloth. These types of products have good waterproof performance. 100% waterproof, relatively light, high strength, strong tension; temporary use and non-precious items, optional PE tarpaulin, the product is cheap, lightweight, waterproof, but not suitable for repeated use; used in coal plants or sharp The goods can be selected from wax cloth, silicone cloth, etc. This product is wear-resistant and durable. The difference between the two is that the wax cloth is very heavy and easily sticks to the dust, while the silicone cloth is light, soft, dust-free and breathable. For fireproof performance requirements, fireproof cloth can be selected, and the product is resistant to high temperature, corrosion and high strength. Can be widely used in petroleum, chemical, cement, energy and other fields, and can also be used as a fire barrier.