Why is the tarpaulin like this of


Cost-effective: Tarpaulins come in many sizes and price […]

Cost-effective: Tarpaulins come in many sizes and prices. Compared with TV advertisements and LED billboards, it is cheaper, so it is very suitable for small businesses. Economical and durable, you can save more! In this example, Caltex greets customers with a tarpaulin and advertises their free toggle switch. No one will miss such a big tarp on the road! They don't have to spend more money on LED displays to attract customers.

Wide audience: Internet is not accessible in some areas, and some are too far away from the city. Tarpaulin marketing can reach places that other media cannot. The following example shows a beverage advertisement placed in a small retail store. With the help of tarpaulin advertising, the company was able to promote its business in small towns and rural areas.


Easy to identify: Full-color printed tarpaulins can easily attract customers' attention. In the example below, we see that colorful advertisements can be recognized even in the distance. The text is highlighted and read. Visually appealing, it encourages people to eat at Jollibee to get a free umbrella!


Flexibility: The tarpaulin has weather resistance and durability, so it is very suitable for outdoor advertising. It can last for months or even years. This is also ideal for internal marketing and trade shows.


In fact, tarpaulins are as effective as other advertising and advertising media. It is direct and low maintenance. This can help you increase brand awareness faster and cheaper. As a brand manager, please be sure to indicate the promotion date. These ads are usually retained.


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