What to pay attention to when using tarpaulins outdoors


First of all, before using the tarpaulin, you should ch […]

First of all, before using the tarpaulin, you should check the quality of the product to ensure that the quality is passed before putting it into use, otherwise it will cause unnecessary trouble.
The second problem is the installation of the tarpaulin. The installation of the tarpaulin should be on a flat terrain. It is best to choose a dry, thin turf terrain. Pay attention to it when handling it, handle it gently, and ensure that it is placed in a safe location. Do not place it in a place where it is too hot. There is also a strict prohibition on pyrotechnics to avoid unnecessary loss of the tarpaulin or the items under the tarpaulin. After its use for a long time, the surface of the rubber layer will aging, and the phenomenon of water leakage will also occur. It needs to be replaced when necessary to avoid affecting the quality of the goods.

Then, the color of the tarpaulin must be carefully selected, otherwise it will be uncomfortable. The color of the tarpaulin will affect the light and temperature inside the tent. The high-intensity light transmission is high, and the heat transmitted in it will be relatively high. The low-intensity light transmission will be poor, and it will block some of the sun. The natural heat source for us affects the activities of individuals in the account. The entrance and exit of the cloth needs to be selected at the leeward. If the ground is sloped, the entrance and exit must be arranged in the downhill place, because it is convenient for drainage in rainy days.

Finally, it should be noted that when the tarpaulin is used to cover the cargo, care should be taken to reserve ventilation openings. If it is too tight, it can cause moisture damage to the cargo. When you are finished using it, you must pay attention to it. All the spare parts must be collected completely. Don't lose anything, avoid the shortage of parts in the next time of use, and do not cover the items well. After spreading out, it is necessary to first fix the four corners, support the tent firmly, and pay attention to tightening the rope, so as to ensure its maximum spread.