What occasions to use fireproof tarpaulin is better


What is the best way to use a fireproof tarpaulin? Ther […]

What is the best way to use a fireproof tarpaulin? There are many substances that have fire-retardant and flame-retardant effects around us. Among them, fireproof tarpaulin, fireproof rock wool boards and other products are well known. Our factory specializes in supplying fireproof tarpaulin products. The primary material used for this product is fibrous materials. These materials have been processed through a series of processing materials to produce materials with high efficiency of fire protection. So what is the primary use of such high-fire-resistant materials?

Fireproof tarpaulin with extremely stable structure and function are used in some situations where risks are easy to occur. For example, the welding plant is a place for open fire operations. If the weather is dry, then a small Mars will trigger a Field fires, so it is necessary to take some fire prevention measures in such places. The fireproof tarpaulin produced by our factory is suitable for use in such a situation. It can be hung on the wall and placed horizontally on the ground. In general, no matter where it is placed, Mars will not It is penetrated, so it is convenient and safe to use this fireproof information.