What is the density of tarpaulin


Direct measurement is done by means of a mirror or fabr […]

Direct measurement is done by means of a mirror or fabric density analysis mirror. The fabric density analysis mirror has a scale length of 5cm. Under the analysis lens, a long strip of glass is engraved with a red line. When analyzing the density of the fabric, move the lens to align the red line on the glass sheet with the red line on the scale. Between the root yarns, use this as a starting point, and move the number of yarns on the side of the lens until the 5cm mark is used. The number of yarns output is multiplied by 2, which is the density value of the 10 cm fabric.


When counting the number of yarns, the center between the two yarns should be used as the starting point. If the number reaches the end point, it exceeds 0.5, and if less than one, it should be 0.75, if less than 0.5, then press 0.25 counts. The fabric density should generally be measured from 3-4 data, and then the arithmetic mean is taken as the measurement result.