What is flame retardant tarpaulin


The main colors of our company's flame retardant tarpau […]

The main colors of our company's flame retardant tarpaulins are red, gray, white, black, yellow, and blue, which can be customized according to user requirements. There are many types of fire tarpaulins: electric welding tarpaulins, glass fiber fire retardant Silicone cloth, smoke-repellent wall cloth, silicon titanium alloy cloth, asbestos cloth, ceramic fiber cloth, inorganic rolling curtain decoration cloth, three-proof cloth, pure cotton fireproof cloth, etc. Use different fireproof tarpaulins for different occasions. If you know how to choose a fire-resistant tarpaulin, please check out our flame-retardant tarpaulin, or call us.

Generally speaking, fire-resistant tarpaulins are flame-retardant tarpaulins, that is, flame-retardant and flame-retardant fabrics. 2. Flame-retardant tarpaulins with high flame resistance can be called fire-proof tarpaulins, such as glass fiber fireproof cloth and basalt fiber. Fireproof cloth.

Flame retardants are now primarily organic and inorganic, halogen and non-halogen. Organic is some flame retardants represented by bromine, nitrogen and red phosphorus and compounds. Inorganic is mainly antimony trioxide, magnesium hydroxide, aluminum hydroxide, silicon flame retardant systems. Generally speaking, organic flame retardants have a good affinity. Among plastics, bromine flame retardants occupy an absolute advantage in organic flame retardant systems. Although it is environmentally friendly, it has been difficult to have other flame retardant systems. Instead.

Fires caused by decay of distribution cabinets, aging lines, short circuits of equipment, and improper operation of electrical equipment in fire prevention enterprises are common. The main reason is that the power protection equipment does not have an excellent protection effect, and it cannot effectively protect the equipment and control the fire source caused when an electrical short circuit occurs. Generally, metal power distribution cabinets are short-circuited after the electrical equipment ages, which is the source of the fire. Poor sealing facilities will also cause the interior of the power cabinet to enter ash, and some corrosive gases such as water will form internal components to accelerate aging. Non-metal waterproof, dustproof, fireproof, and anticorrosive power distribution boxes have excellent protection effects on lines and electrical equipment.