What is canvas tarpaulin


The grommets of the canvas tarpaulin are made of heavy […]

The grommets of the canvas tarpaulin are made of heavy gauge brass and will not rust. All our canvas tarps are sewn and sewn on the side, and reinforced at each eyelet. We have taken many measures to ensure that our canvas is made of high-quality cotton. The thickness of the canvas thread is critical to ensure that our canvas tarpaulin stands above the rest. Tailor-made stitches for the tarpaulin material and the thickness of the canvas make the canvas tarpaulin more resistant to wear and bad weather. Our canvas tarps are made of cotton canvas fabric filled with ducks. The important qualities of canvas oil cloth are denier, weight and stitching quality. Canvas tarps have reinforced corners and grommet. Our canvas oil cloth stock is very rich, there are several different colors and various sizes to choose from.


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Recommended use of canvas oil cloth


Canvas tarpaulins are heavier than polyethylene tarpaulins and have different protective properties compared to other tarpaulin covers. With proper maintenance and storage, the service life of canvas tarps can be longer than polyethylene tarps. Canvas tarps are also a more natural covering.


These tarps are breathable and are ideal for construction sites and other construction projects.


Only canvas tarps are recommended for outdoor use, as they may stain your indoor items and furniture. They also have a strong smell. They should not be used for cars and ships. These tarps have been treated with dyes and hydrophobic waxes, which can stain the surface of your house. We have a cover specially prepared for boats. Please check them on our boat cover page.


These tarpaulins cannot be used as accessories for canopies. They cannot be used as roofs or side walls, because they will shrink when exposed outdoors for long periods of time. They may also stretch or tear due to excessive tension on the grommet. Since they are not waterproof, they cannot be used to cover roofs. They can only hold a certain amount of water. Once the tarp reaches its saturation point, water will leak. When looking for tarps for such applications, please check out our polyethylene tarps or vinyl tarps series.

The quality of canvas oil cloth


Thick and breathable canvas tarps are ideal for outdoor stationery that needs to be covered. These heavy-duty tarps are ideal for long-term use. Their purpose is more specific because they have protective properties that are only suitable for specific applications.


The canvas tarpaulin is dyed with dye, which becomes a water repellent after treatment. The dye will fall off on some surfaces. It is best to cover items that cannot be stained by these covers. The strong smell comes from the hydrophobic treatment. After using the tarp multiple times, it will disappear.


Canvas tarps are made of cotton, so they will eventually shrink or stretch. The shrinkage depends on the amount of exposure it gets. When continuously exposed to moisture, rain, and ultraviolet light, the canvas tarpaulin will eventually shrink.


Canvas tarps are not very resistant to stretching, tearing and tearing. When fixing the cover to the item, do not apply too much tension on the grommet.


To maintain these canvas tarpaulins, use appropriate cleaners. Ordinary soaps and detergents may discolor and repel water. Do not use the washing machine when cleaning these covers. The color may bleed out and stain the washing machine's bucket.