What is a rainproof tarpaulin


The range of rainproof tarpaulins is wide, and the mate […]

The range of rainproof tarpaulins is wide, and the material of the rainproof tarpaulin is also varied. A rainproof tarpaulin is a piece of cloth that can cover things, but its effect is far better than the average cloth, because it can also prevent rain. Sunscreen and rainproof tarpaulin with tarpaulin, that is, pvc material, try to use the kind that does not harden in winter, the service life is longer, the canvas can also be used, but the rainproof effect is not as good as the tarpaulin.

When used, the waterproof tarpaulin covers are flat, the goods are not exposed, the edges of the two ends are closely attached, and the lines on both sides are smooth. Each part does not exceed the limit. The end of the end of the truck manual brake tarpaulin covers the length of the end plate from 300mm to 500mm. The brake disc of the truck's human brake is exposed, which does not affect the use of the human brake and the hook lever. The drooping height of the other end is about 600mm. When the waterproof tarpaulin is too long, it can exceed this limit, but it must not affect the use of the rope.

During the handling of the rainproof tarpaulin, the force should be evenly applied to prevent damage to the outer packaging and prevent the brute force from damaging the insulation. Rainproof tarpaulins are generally not fireproof. When using them, keep away from fire sources, and pay attention to fire prevention when stocking. When the rainproof tarpaulin is unfolded, it is unfolded due to the place where it is placed, and the insulation is prevented from being damaged by pulling on the ground. When the anti-rain cloth is stacked, pay attention to moisture and rat bites. Depending on the local humidity and climate, dry the clothes regularly.