The unique role of fire tarpaulin


The common effect of fireproof tarpaulin: In the indust […]

The common effect of fireproof tarpaulin: In the industrial category, the fireproof tarpaulin can well maintain the object to block all the flames, obstruct the flame burning articles, and its high temperature resistance function is more effective to avoid the damage of the article due to high temperature, fire prevention Tarpaulin is the ideal protective gear for public security firefighting. It can also be used well in large-scale shopping malls and other supermarkets that require hot work. Fire tarpaulins can better protect citizens' lives and property. Nowadays, there is also a very outstanding performance in the field of home building materials. More and more people are paying attention to the function and use of fireproof tarpaulins, making the use of fireproof tarpaulins more extensive and completely eliminating all fire safety hazards.

The common effect of fireproof tarpaulin: The first thing we know about it is its variety, including basalt fiber, acrylic fiber fireproof tarpaulin, cotton flame retardant tarpaulin, cvc flame retardant tarpaulin, c/n cotton flashing awning Cloth, aluminum foil, coating, high silicon oxide, silicon titanium fireproof tarpaulin, etc. It can be used for fire shutter materials, high temperature furnace doors, valves, why it can be fireproof, which of course has a great relationship with raw materials, and many varieties of fireproof tarpaulins are processed by special fireproof fiber tarpaulins. . With fire tarpaulin prevention, the fire attack will be greatly reduced! It can also be applied to occasions that are prone to fire and welding of metal products, to prevent the splash of sparks, and then to isolate the effect and avoid the onset of fire.

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