The tarpaulin was damaged in use and repaired


Tarpaulin products can be used to cover open-air goods, […]

Tarpaulin products can be used to cover open-air goods, or to cover goods on trucks, etc., and we must prevent them from being damaged while using them.

Be careful not to wear shoes directly on the tarpaulin, so as not to damage the fabric strength of the tarpaulin. If the tarpaulin is moldy, it will destroy its water resistance. For moldy situations, use a sponge and a little detergent to gently brush the mildew spots. The tarpaulin should be kept as dry as possible. After closing the cargo cover, remember to hang the tarpaulin and air dry it. If the tarpaulin is a little dirty, gently wash it with cold water. Do not use chemical lotion or strong scrubbing. This will damage the waterproof film on the surface of the fabric and reduce the waterproof effect of the tarpaulin.

For the new tarpaulin, remember to put another layer of suture adhesive on the waterproof suture adhesive of the tarpaulin. Also note that the tarpaulin used for loading must be of good quality, the tarpaulin rope is complete, and the marks and numbers are complete and clear.

During the use of the tarpaulin, it is easy to be scratched if it encounters some spiked objects, so when we wholesale products from tarpaulin manufacturers, we can also learn some of its repairing knowledge.

If it is a leaky type of damage, you can cut two pieces of repair fabric slightly larger than the hole, and it is better to round the corners when cutting. First make up the outside of the tarpaulin, and the fabric that is pasted is preferably uncoated, which will be more wear-resistant. Then apply the glue evenly, especially for the edge of the circle, be sure to apply it, and then paste it, if you are not assured, you can also apply it again at the seam to ensure nothing. Then the other side can be repaired in the same way.

The important feature of the tarpaulin is that it is waterproof, so we can put a small amount of water on its surface. If the water does not penetrate the tarpaulin, it is repaired.