The difference between fireproof tarpaulin and flame retardant tarpaulin


Characteristically speaking Flame-retardant tarpaulins […]

Characteristically speaking
Flame-retardant tarpaulins are non-combustible, high-temperature resistant, sealed, non-irritating, anti-corrosive, soft and resistant, and can be used to wrap objects and equipment with uneven appearance. It protects objects far away from heat and spark zones and completely obstructs the characteristics of incineration or incineration. The fire tarpaulin protects the hot point and spark zone of the object principle and completely hinders incineration or insults.

Fire-resistant coated tarpaulin, also known as fiberglass tarpaulin, is a fire-resistant tarpaulin that has been mechanically coated with high-temperature glue on the exterior of the fiberglass cloth.
The wide use of fire tarpaulins is as follows:
1. Shipbuilding industry
2, large steel structure
3. On-site electric welding and gas cutting fire protection products for electric power repair
4. Fire curtain, fire blanket, fire protection package, electric welding, fire wall, etc.

Flame-retardant tarpaulin refers to a tarpaulin that automatically subsides within 12 seconds of being out of the open flame even when it is lit by an open flame. The fire tarpaulin is a specially treated fiber fabric. Generally speaking, the fire tarpaulin mentioned in the market is a flame retardant tarpaulin, that is, a fabric that can be flame retarded and burned.