The density of the plastic tarpaulin directly affects the appearance


Plastic tarpaulin products have been widely used in rec […]

Plastic tarpaulin products have been widely used in recent years and have been favored by consumers. The calculation unit of density is metric, so what methods are used to test the density of products?

How to test the density of plastic tarpaulin products. The specific test methods for the density of plastic tarpaulin products are as follows:

The first one: the indirect test method, which is to analyze the fabric structure and the number of warp yarns in the fabric cycle, multiply by the number of tissue cycles in 10 cm, the product is the warp (weft) yarn density, this method is suitable for high density , Regularly woven fabrics with small yarn characteristics.

The second type: direct measurement method, which is completed by means of a cloth mirror or a fabric density analysis mirror. It should be noted that when counting the number of yarns, the center between the two yarns should be used as the starting point.

The density of the tarpaulin will directly affect the physical and mechanical indexes of the plastic tarpaulin, such as the appearance, feel, thickness, strength, fold resistance, breathability, abrasion resistance and heat preservation performance, so it must be paid attention to.