Tarpaulin scope of use and processing instructions


Tarpaulin is an indispensable protective article for in […]

Tarpaulin is an indispensable protective article for industrial, agricultural, or engineering projects and outdoor covering. The tarpaulin is an ordinary rainproof cloth, and the main uses are waterproof, dustproof, shelter, moisture-proof, etc. Let the goods be better protected and extend the useful life. Generally, this kind of ordinary tarpaulin is made of polyester filament chemical fiber base cloth coated with plastic PVC glue, which is pressed and baked by a special process. This kind of tarpaulin has long service life, is not easy to tear, wear-resistant, scratch-resistant and so on. This type of tarpaulin is suitable for scenarios such as airport and terminal cargo tarpaulins, railway truck tarpaulin tarpaulins, and outdoor outdoor storage of products and equipment in factories. Engineering projects, construction site equipment, sun protection, sun maintenance, rain protection, etc.

The extended products include PVC flame-retardant cloth, high-strength silk tarpaulin, and net cloth. On the basis of ordinary tarpaulin, PVC flame retardant cloth is added with dioctyl ester, molecular formula C2H38O4, DOP for short. This is a plastic additive commonly used in the industry. Its main functions are flame retardance and fire prevention. The internal structure is stable, it is not easy to decompose, and the tarpaulin product has high temperature resistance. It is mainly used in balcony canopy, fireproof flower on construction site, fireproof star and so on. It can also be used as construction tent fabric for fire protection and flammable materials.

The difference between high-strength silk tarpaulin and ordinary rainproof tarpaulin is the base cloth. High-strength silk tarpaulin uses high-strength silk fiber. Through special weaving treatment, the latitude and longitude are not easy to pull. Its process is the same as ordinary canvas. It is mainly used in the case of frequent dragging or dealing with high-intensity friction.

The mesh cloth also belongs to the plastic-coated tarpaulin, which is regarded as the noble in the tarpaulin. More for outdoor membrane structures, or grandstands for large stadiums. . Or make fine fabrics. Can also be used with tarpaulin and tarpaulin. But the cost is higher. Suitable for covering high-value goods or used as high-strength sinks, pool cloths, etc. . Can be used for roof leak repair, floor moisture proof, etc.