Proper use of tarpaulin can extend its life


1. When using Shanghai flame-retardant cloth, users sho […]

1. When using Shanghai flame-retardant cloth, users should avoid sharp objects scratching the cloth, which will reduce the waterproof function of the cloth.

2. After use, it should be opened and exposed for packing and storage for reuse.

3. Generally not fire-resistant (except fire-resistant and flame-retardant cloth). When using it, keep away from fire sources, and pay attention to fire prevention when in stock.

4. Please be aware of the local wind power, and reinforce the fire-proof and flame-retardant cloth in advance when the wind is too strong.

5. When the Shanghai flame retardant cloth is opened, it should be placed in a good location and then opened to avoid the insulation being damaged by pulling on the ground.

6. Before opening the Shanghai flame-retardant cloth, you should look at the ground to remove sharp objects to avoid thermal insulation being damaged by the outer fabric.

7. Pay attention to applying even force as much as possible during the transportation process, to avoid damage to the outer packaging and to prevent the insulation quilt from being damaged by brute force.

8. When stacking inventory, pay attention to moisture and rat bite resistance, and regularly expose to sunlight according to local humidity and climate.