Production process of waterproof canvas tarpaulin


The waterproof canvas has strong breaking strength, tea […]

The waterproof canvas has strong breaking strength, tear elongation and tearing strength, which is much better than traditional waterproof tarpaulin. It is an internationally popular environmentally friendly PVC waterproof canvas, also known as three-proof canvas, plastic coated canvas, tarpaulin, mildew canvas, and cold-resistant. Canvas, anti-aging canvas, anti-static canvas, etc.


Waterproof canvas is a canvas that has been specially processed to prevent water, moisture, moisture and cold. It generally refers to a series of plastic coated fabrics. It is made of fiber fabric and chemical filling material, and is produced by dip, coating, scraping, baking and cold. The standard material composition of the plastic coated tarpaulin is made of high-strength tensile polyester woven fabric, high-quality resin powder, plasticizer, stabilizer, appropriate amount of calcium powder and other small amount of chemical raw materials processed, waterproof. Most areas in the north are called crepe, and some parts of the south are also called tarpaulins, tarpaulins and tarpaulins. There are PVC coated tarpaulins, waterproof nylon tarpaulins and so on.


The main component of PVC coated tarpaulin is polyvinyl chloride (PVC). PVC canvas processing adds some plasticizers, anti-aging agents and other auxiliary materials to enhance its heat resistance, toughness and ductility. The paste resin is coated with various chemical additives such as a speed increasing agent, a mildew inhibitor, an anti-aging agent, etc., and has non-flammability, high strength, weather resistance and excellent geometric stability, and is also waterproof and resistant. Mildew, wear-resistant, durable, cold-resistant, aging-resistant, and other natural functions.


Waterproof nylon tarpaulin has excellent mildew resistance, flame retardancy, waterproofness, waterproofness compared to other canvases, good low softness, high strength, strong pulling force and relatively light weight. The main processing method is high temperature heat sealing.


There are two kinds of production techniques for waterproof canvas. One is the horizontal machine production, which is the kind of heavy-duty large cylinder. After putting the cloth into the material, it is put on the pila belt and pressed and flattened by the bottom of the heavy-duty large cylinder. Then pull on the dryer to dry, then cut, divide, and package. One is the vertical machine mechanical production, the cloth is pulled straight into the raw material box and pulled out. The glue-like material on the crepe cloth is a high-purity PVC material, and then both sides are straightened straight through the machine with a knife scraping, scraping with a knife After drying, the dryer is trimmed, trimmed, divided, and packaged. There are two types of dryers, one is electric burning and the other is using a boiler. The PVC coated canvas produced by the horizontal machine is cheaper than the PVC coated canvas produced by the vertical machine. The reason is that the horizontal machine requires lower production materials than the vertical machine. The horizontal machine production can be What kind of rubber can be put on and pressed, but the vertical machine can not be produced, the requirements for raw materials are high, and the raw materials must have a certain purity. PVC canvas produced by vertical machines is often slightly more expensive, and the purity of canvas products is also high.