Main materials and characteristics of fire retardant tarpaulin


What is the main material of fire retardant tarpaulin? […]

What is the main material of fire retardant tarpaulin?

The flame retardant fabric includes flame retardant with flame retardant yarn as the material, and the flame retardant after the flame retardant is added to the fabric. The flame retardant effect of the former is good, and the latter is affected by the time and the number of scrubbing.

Flame-retardant fabric, polyester flame-retardant fabric, selected with new ATP flame retardant finishing, with water washing, flame retardant effect, good hand feeling, non-toxic and safe. Excellent products are usually halogen-free, meet ecological and environmental requirements, and their core technologies are at the world level. The flame retardant index of polyester flame retardant fabric can reach the national standard B2 or above, and the washing resistance is more than 30 times.

The permanent flame retardant tarpaulin is made by spinning, weaving and dyeing the innate flame retardant fiber. The fabric has the characteristics of flame retardant, wear-resistant, temperature-resistant, washable, acid-proof, waterproof, anti-static, high-strength, etc. It is suitable for making excellent fabrics for protective clothing of metallurgy, oil field, coal mine, chemical industry, electric power and fire protection industry. .


What are the characteristics of fire retardant tarpaulins?

Functional fireproof temperature of 800 degrees, non-clothing material use industrial fire insulation, decorative fire, fire and splash cover, outdoor fire account. The high-silicone cloth is a soft, heat-resistant high-silicone fabric with an acid content of 96%, which is an inorganic substance that does not burn at all. It has excellent thermal and electrical insulation functions, and is widely used for protection in thermal environments such as welding, high temperature, etc., as well as thermal and electrical insulation during emergency rescue. It can be widely used for fire window cloth, fire doors, fireproof mats, fireproof blankets, etc. Fire protection equipment.