Introduction of the use of PE tarpaulin and the correct cleaning method


At present in the plastic tarpaulin wholesale market, t […]

At present in the plastic tarpaulin wholesale market, the types of tarpaulin are various. Among them, PE tarpaulin is one of the more widely used tarpaulins. In addition, this tarpaulin has many uses. However, if this PE tarpaulin is used on a vehicle, there are several precautions that must be paid attention to when using it:

(1) Only applicable to open cars, one car cover covers one tarpaulin. And it should be noted that the PE tarpaulin cover is flat and no cargo is exposed. The top has ridges, and the two sides are close to each other. The sides are smooth, and the size of each part does not exceed the limit.

(2) The length of the tarp at one end of the truck's handbrake brake to cover the end plate is less than or equal to 500mm. The hand brake brake disc of the truck is exposed, which does not affect the use of the hand brake brake lever.

(3) The height of the PE tarpaulin on both sides of the vehicle is the same, and the vehicle number is exposed. At the same time, pay attention to the correct position of the rope knot and binding, the rope knot is firm, without looseness, and the rope tied to the T-shaped iron has a butterfly wing knot.

With the increasing use of plastic tarpaulins, the related plastic tarpaulin wholesale markets are gradually increasing, and we can often see many types of plastic tarpaulins in the wholesale market. PE tarpaulins are one of them. However, this kind of tarpaulin needs to be washed after long-term use. However, Chongqing tarpaulin reminds everyone that when cleaning, you must follow the following correct methods.

First, the force must be appropriate during cleaning, and it must be gentle and even. Be careful not to use a brush to brush with brute force. This will easily damage the wiring of the awning, and it will also easily damage its color. At the same time, it should be noted that in the process of using it, if there is a disconnection or scratch, you should promptly ask the tarpaulin manufacturer to solve it and use it after repair.

Second, when cleaning PE tarpaulin, we must pay attention to those light-colored fabrics. When cleaning, we should avoid cleaning with some items that are difficult to clean, to prevent dyeing and damage the aesthetic effect of PE tarpaulin. In addition, it should be noted that after washing the white cloth surface, you can apply toothpaste on the surface, which can effectively prevent discoloration.