How to reduce damage to PE tarpaulin


Storage conditions: The storage place must be ventilate […]

Storage conditions: The storage place must be ventilated, ventilated, lighted, and clean. Adhere to air circulation during the day. Close the doors and windows in rainy days to ensure that the items are dull and protected from moisture.

The storage is divided into: the area to be processed, the good product area, and the bad product area. When the items are stacked on top of each other, "up small, down large, up light down heavy." Storage should adhere to three principles: fire prevention, waterproofing, pressure prevention; fixed-point, quantitative; first-in, first-out. The items in the warehouse are stored in normal temperature environment. Moisture-prone items are not allowed to be placed directly on the ground. They should be placed on shelves or pallets for blocking. Common double pole tents now support two poles at the same time when raising the tent pole; empty the sand and debris in the tent when you close the tent; it is important to choose a camp when setting up the tent, and try not to have too much on the ground Sharp objects; try not to cook in the tent; in order to protect the tent, you can lay a floor cloth under the tent; when the nail is under the tent, first go down the two diagonal corners of the tent, and then the other two diagonal corners. The tent so laid out is relatively flat.