Car tarpaulins are required to be summarized in use


In the application process of the tarpaulin, although i […]

In the application process of the tarpaulin, although it is simple and only needs to be covered, there are still some necessary precautions. For example, when you cover the goods, you must pay attention to how you should do more to save effort and cover. More comprehensive. Car tarpaulins have standards that must be followed in use. Today's editor in Chongqing tarpaulin takes you to understand the requirements that car tarpaulins must follow in use.

1. When the tarpaulin is applied to the car, it is only suitable for convertibles. According to requirements, a car cover covers a tarpaulin that meets the standard. Therefore, when buying a tarpaulin, you should measure the size to avoid being too small.

2. The car tarpaulin cover should be flat to ensure that no cargo is exposed after the cover is completely covered. The top is ridged and the corners at both ends are closely fitted to ensure smooth lines on both sides.

3. In the process of bundling and knotting with rope, follow the principle of correct position, firmness, and not easy to fall off, and the rope should be shaped into butterfly wings on T-shaped iron.

4. The cover of the tarpaulin should ensure that the hand brake disc of the truck is exposed, so as not to affect the use of the hook lever and the hand brake disc.

5. Afterwards, make sure that the tarpaulin does not cover the license plate, so that the car number is exposed.