About the classification of tarpaulin


 Types of tarpaulin: canvas tarpaulin, PVC tri-proof ta […]

 Types of tarpaulin: canvas tarpaulin, PVC tri-proof tarpaulin, waterproof tarpaulin, flame-retardant tarpaulin, Oxford cloth, etc.

Features of tarpaulin: tarpaulin has waterproof, fireproof (flame retardant), sun protection, anti-aging, anti-mold, anti-static and other functions, and has light materials, high tensile strength, acid and alkali resistance, high temperature resistance, easy to wash and fold.

The use and maintenance of tarpaulin

1. When using tarpaulin, avoid sharp objects from scratching the fabric, which will reduce the waterproof performance of the fabric.

2. After the waterproof tarpaulin is used, it should be packaged and stored after being dried for reuse.

3. When stacking tarpaulins in stock, pay attention to preventing moisture and rat bite, and dry regularly according to the local temperature and climate.

4. In the process of tarpaulin transportation, pay attention to even force as far as possible to prevent damage to the outer packaging, brute force, and towing on the ground. Rolling tarpaulin can be used for transportation.

5. The tarpaulin is generally not a professional fireproof cloth. It should be kept away from the fire source when in use, and pay attention to fire prevention when in stock, and be careful not to throw the locomotive.

6. When the tarpaulin is unfolded, place it in the unfolded position to avoid damage to the tarpaulin.

7. Before the tarpaulin is unfolded, check the ground and remove sharp objects to prevent damage to the surface of the PVC tarpaulin.

8. Please foresee the local wind power. When the wind is too strong, please reinforce the PVC waterproof tarpaulin in advance.