5 things to know before buying a canvas awning


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For truck drivers who need new tarpaulins, vinyl is often the material of choice. It is lightweight, durable and very flexible, making it an ideal material for flatbed truck tarps. However, sometimes vinyl may not be preferred. Sometimes truck drivers need tarpaulins. The good news is that Mytee Products comes with a variety of canvas tarps to meet the needs of every driver.

Canvas tarps are suitable for certain loads because they are breathable and less abrasive. Experienced flatbed truck drivers will always keep at least a few people on board.

Five things to know before buying canvas oilcloth


1. There are different levels
Like vinyl flatbed truck tarps, canvas tarps are graded from light to heavy. Heavy-duty canvas tarpaulins are ideal for industrial environments where the load may be exposed to harsh conditions, including certain types of chemicals and extremely high hot and cold temperatures. Heavy canvas is not usually needed by ordinary truck drivers, but for those who want it, it is there.


2. Waterproof and waterproof: different
When you look at the canvas tarps in our inventory, you will notice that they are waterproof. After manufacturing, the material is coated with wax to help repel moisture. However, the material is not 100% waterproof. This is by design. The whole point of using canvas is that it is a breathable material. If it is made into a waterproof material, it will lose a lot of breathability. If you really need tarpaulin, you can order it specially.

3. Canvas is a supplement to vinyl
The third point is probably the most important of the five points: Canvas is used to supplement vinyl, not to replace vinyl. In short, the average flat truck driver needs a complete selection of vinyl flat truck tarps to be able to withstand almost all types of loads. Canvas is a material that is not suitable for all situations. Therefore, it is best to put a few canvas tarpaulins on the boat when needed, but more vinyl tarpaulin options should be kept in most jobs.


4. Canvas needs more care
Canvas is not the main material choice for truck tarps because it requires more care than vinyl. Let ’s face it; every flatbed truck driver knows that he or she does n’t have to pamper their vinyl tarps to keep them in good condition. Vinyl can bear a lot of punishment. But canvas is another matter. Canvas brown tarpaulin is easier to tear and moldy. Therefore, although you do not have to wear white gloves to handle them, you must apply canvas oil cloth more carefully and be very careful to ensure it is completely dry before folding.


5. Canvas is excellent for equipment load
The most common load dragged with canvas oil cloth is equipment load. Canvas is an ideal material for hauling construction and agricultural equipment, industrial equipment, etc. Canvas is also flame retardant. In environments near certain flammable materials, this makes it a safer option.

Each independent truck driver should have at least a few canvas flatbed truck tarps in the toolbox. You never know when there will be a load that requires a canvas. Having several trucks on board means that the truck driver will always be ready when any such load is available.