Waterproof tarpaulin is a waterproof material with high strength and good flexibility


The tarpaulin is quick in the production of mold clampi […]

The tarpaulin is quick in the production of mold clamping, waiting for the shadow, and the male mold is slow in the early contact. The first slow operation method helps shorten the non-production time and prevent mold damage. To avoid the material of the mold groove being taken away by the air, the insert being displaced, and the forming rod being damaged due to too fast mold clamping.


When pressurizing thermosetting plastics, most of them will release moisture and low-molecular substances. In order to exclude these low-molecular substances, volatiles, and air in the mold, the plastic reaction can be pulled out of the mold cavity after a suitable time in the plastic cavity. The agent is discharged for a period of time. The curing can be maintained at the pressing temperature for a certain time, so that the polycondensation reaction of the resin reaches the required cross-linking degree, so that the product has the required physical and mechanical properties.


Further demoulding is usually done with an extrusion rod, and the mold of the tarpaulin is blown. After demolding, the mold cavity and the mold surface of the mold are usually blown with compressed air, and then post-processing is performed to further improve product quality.

Tarpaulin is a frequently used item in the transportation industry and cargo storage. It can play a role in rain and moisture, and the method of extending his life is one of the concerns of users. Tarpaulin manufacturers have summarized three methods for extending the life of tarpaulins in the long-term production and marketing of tarpaulins.

1. Before using the newly purchased tarpaulin, apply the waterproof suture glue carefully again in the place where there is waterproof suture glue to avoid the aging of the suture during transportation.

2. In order to avoid scratching the stall surface, it must be used away from sharp objects. The use environment is harsh and the wind is strong. The strength of the stall must be strengthened to avoid the wind from scratching the stall and causing damage.

3. The tarp cannot be thrown blindly immediately after use. Make sure that the tarpaulin is clean and dry before collecting it, then fold it neatly and store it in the bag provided, and store it in a dry and cool place.


Waterproof tarpaulin is a waterproof material with high strength, toughness and flexibility. It is often used as canvas, polyethylene or polyethylene plastic with polyurethane coating. The fabric has sturdiness, folding and good waterproof performance. Balers usually have sturdy cable loops at the corners or edges, which can be conveniently used to bind, hang or cover the rope.