The tarp needs to be strengthened to support the center position when in use


When the tarpaulin is produced, the mold is closed quic […]

When the tarpaulin is produced, the mold is closed quickly, waiting for the shadow, the male mold is early in contact, and the time is slow. The first slow operation method helps to shorten the non-production time, prevent the mold from being damaged, and avoid the raw material of the mold groove due to the too fast mold clamping. Air is taken away, the insert is displaced, and the forming rod is destroyed.


When pressurizing thermosetting plastics, most of them will release water and low molecular substances, in order to remove these low molecular substances, volatile substances and air in the mold. After the plastic reaction has progressed in the plastic cavity for an appropriate period of time, the release agent can be pulled out for a period of time. The curing can be maintained at the pressing temperature for a certain period of time, so that the polycondensation reaction of the resin reaches the required degree of crosslinking, and the product has the required physical and mechanical properties.


Further demoulding is usually done with extruded rods, and the tarpaulin mold is blown. After demolding, the mold cavity and the mold surface are usually blown with compressed air, and then post-processing is performed to further improve product quality.

The material of the tarpaulin is a product woven with high-strength chemical fiber polyester filament five-vibration cloth, which is considered a suitable tent fabric. Regardless of the strength, density, weight, or hardness, after the waterproof coating is processed, it can be sent to the sewing factory to make finished tents for earthquake relief.


The surface coating treatment also has flame retardancy and antistatic treatment. The high-strength fiber has abrasion resistance and tear resistance, and the coating has water-proof and anti-mildew effects, protects items, and has a wide range of uses for automobiles. In addition, rough canvas and sturdy foldable fabric have good water resistance. They are used for automobile transportation, open storage covers and outdoor tents. They are the main materials used in domestic automobile tarpaulins.


When the tarpaulin is in use, it needs to strengthen the support center position, strengthen the cross position, significantly improve the durability, and strengthen the windproof effect and other links are also stronger.