Plastic tarpaulin coatings are generally based on high-strength polyester PE


Carefully add a layer of waterproof suture glue to the […]

Carefully add a layer of waterproof suture glue to the waterproof suture glue to avoid aging of the suture glue during transportation.

When installing the tarpaulin, you should choose a flat terrain, preferably a dry thin lawn terrain. Note that the entrance and exit of the tarpaulin needs to be selected in the leeward place. If it is a sloped ground, the entrance and exit need to be arranged in a downhill place, because it is convenient for drainage in rainy days. After the tarpaulin is spread out, it is necessary to fix the four corners first, firmly support the tent, and pay attention to tighten the rope, so as to ensure the tarpaulin to a greater extent.


After using the tarpaulin, you cannot immediately throw the tarpaulin aside randomly. Make sure that the tarpaulin is collected before collecting it.

Plastic tarpaulin coatings are generally made of high-strength polyester PE, with various chemical additives such as mold inhibitors, anti-aging agents, antistatic agents, etc., which are plasticized at high temperature. Today, color strip cloth tarpaulin manufacturers come Tell us about this knowledge.

It has the properties of waterproof, mildew resistance, cold resistance, aging resistance, anti-static, etc., and its breaking strength, tear elongation and tear strength are much better than the traditional cloth-by-cloth. The product has a colorful and colorful appearance that is pleasing to the eye, and the surface is specially treated Play a non-slip effect. It is an international liquid waterproof cloth, which can be spliced ​​by heat sealing to avoid the leakage of stitches. It can produce products with different functions, different colors, different thicknesses and different sizes according to the user's needs. High weaving density, average thickness, smooth surface and high strength.


In addition, it has good Pombra strength and strong tear resistance, can be used to build marine tarpaulins, has a long service life, strong water resistance, prevents pollution or damage, rain or moisture, and has anti-ultraviolet effect.