Fire tarpaulin storage environment requirements


Fireproof tarpaulin A textile used to make fireproofing […]

Fireproof tarpaulin A textile used to make fireproofing products. Fire is one of the unpredictable and significant disasters. In order to reduce the damage caused by fire, we need to prepare for fire prevention in advance, including the use of fire prevention. Fireproof tarpaulin

Fireproof tarpaulin waterproof tarpaulin is a fire retardant product made of non-combustible materials. It is mainly used to make special clothing. Our company is mainly engaged in the production and sale of fireproof tarpaulins. In order to ensure the quality of fire-retardant tarpaulins, manufacturers have many requirements in the storage environment.

The fire-retardant tarpaulin is stored in a roll shape, and the manufacturer needs to fully package it to avoid dust and dust on the exterior of the fireproof tarpaulin, affecting the use and sale. There are many types of flame-retardant tarpaulins produced by the manufacturers, so different types of flame-retardant tarpaulins need to be placed separately to avoid mixing and affecting the manufacturers' sales. In addition, the flame-retardant tarpaulin can be placed in piles, but care should be taken to control the stacking height and avoid the kneading of the flame-retardant tarpaulins to cause damage.

In order to maintain the tidy fire tarpaulin, the manufacturer will wrap the plastic film on the outside, so that it can maintain the effect. When transferring fire tarpaulins, workers should pay attention to handling them lightly, not throwing them at will, and they should not roll on the ground to ensure the integrity of the plastic film. Even if you roll on the ground, be careful not to see sharp objects such as gravel on the ground, and make sure the plastic film is intact. During the transportation process, there should be no open flames, water stains and stones on the transport vehicle, which ensures the integrity and safety of the fireproof tarpaulin. In the process of transportation, the fixing work of the flame-retardant tarpaulin should also be done to avoid loosening of the flame-retardant tarpaulin.

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